My biodata


Giselle Silva is an English teacher for kids at a Public School by Prefeitura in São Paulo, Brazil. She works in a English Teaching Program for kids based on development the language in communicative and funny way. The program has offered training, material and regular classes for students between 7 to 11 years old since 2011. In addition to working, she is also part of Cultura Inglesa English Courses as a student, because this is a part of English training courses for teachers from Prefeitura de São Paulo.

She started her English courses in 2002 where she obtained A levels in English language courses in CNA. She obtained her GCSEs (maths, English, science, history, geography, computer studies, art) in the Public High School institution. She undergraduated in 2009 in English and Portuguese Languages in Uniban University. She also travelled to Canada in 2009, when she participated in a interchange for one month. While she was there, she studied in a English language school, too.

She has recently graduated in Pontificia Universidade Catolica – PUC-SP, a part of English Teaching Program in Public Schools. The programme, which  has  two years to be concluded, has been based on training teachers to develop better theirs English skills abilities in the classroom. The result from this graduate she wrote a paper called “How can you really improve your classes from English songs” Nowadays, she has developed a project, which school she works supported, called “Music is all around”. It based on her paper and she has 15-20 students everyday, between 9-11 years old, learn English language through the songs.

She is proactive, self-motivated, organized and patience. She is also very communicative and a hard-working, which has facilitated through English trainee programs she has participated. She believes her job requires should be good at in her subject. These characteristics have made her an excellent communicative teacher who teach lessons in an interesting and fun manner, as well as have creatived bent of mind which helps in delivering lessons through activity based learning and has a caring attitude to attend to children’s needs and concerns in time, essential require to become an English teacher in a Public School for kids, as well as, in a Language School, where she teaches for adults, too.

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